Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius

Running the Code

Since this book was written, Arduino 1.0 was released and Google has changed the Open Accessory standard a lot.

At the start of December 2011 Arduino 1.0 was released. This changed a few things, requiring all third-party libraries to be updated. This hasn’t happened yet for the Android Open Accessory ADK. So until this is updated, please use Arduino 023. This is still available for download from the main Arduino site.

The version of the Open Accessory Arduino Libraries needed is no longer available from Google. But can download the Google library used in the book from here:


And the original version of the Amarino ( by Mark Weiser) library from here:


Use the binary (APK) Android apps from my GitHub page. Note that the code for the Rover is called DroidDroid. The Arduino sketches themselves are also all in GitHub here.


* Chapter 2. The schematic diagram (Fig 2-3) shows R4 connecting to D6. It should connect to D3 as per the wiring diagram of Fig 2.6.
Here is an updated version of Fig 2-3.


page 21. Step 1 should refer to ‘USB Host Shield’ NOT ‘USB Motor Shield’. There is no motor shield for this project.
page 34. “Handlers are Arduino’s way” should read “Handlers are Android’s way”.

* Chapter 5. The binary app was initially missing for download from this site. Its there now.
page 64 in a freak cut and paste accident, I sugest that you need an ultrasonic range finder to make the temperature logger. Doh!
page 64. The phrase ‘Laser module resistor’ should have a comma in it. The ‘laser module resistor’ is not a special kind of resistor. The resistor is just R1.

* Chapter 6. Page 75. The ultrasonic range finder is not included in the parts bin. See the description.

* Chapter 7. IC2 in Figure 7-33 should be labelled as a 7909 not a 7905.

* Chapter 10. I do not say where the VirtualWire library is obtained from. The official page for it is here:

* Paragraph 3, line 4 on page 105 says: “…to link to Android over USB.”. This should say Arduino.

17 thoughts on “Arduino and Android Projects for the Evil Genius

  1. David

    Good morning,
    Buy the Book in Spanish “12 projects Arduino + Android” and can not find anywhere to sketch to download, you can tell me where they are?

  2. richard


  3. admin Post author


    Sorry for late reply but we’ve had a problem with spam!

    Go to and then click [download (Github)] and all the code is there.

    Any more problems, please email me direct



  4. admin Post author

    Hi Richard,

    Have you checked the voltage of your battery pack & the voltage across the motors?


  5. Xavier Torres

    Adquiri el libro de 12 proyectos de arduino + android, y habla de un formato unico en donde puedo descargar todos los ejemplos, me gustaria saber cual es ese archivo, ya que veo muchos que aparecen, gracias y saludos, si pudiera dejarme el link de descarg se lo agradeceria bastante!

  6. richard

    i get an error when i compiled the duinodroid, meetandroid does not name type. host of errors

  7. Nathan

    Hi simon monk i am a bit confused by ur book about the android arduino controlled robot.. the sketch u put in the book didnt work and am wondering where i can get the sketch from for the robot ??

  8. admin Post author

    Hi, the web page for this wasn’t so clear, so I have updated it. Please take a look at You will also find downloads here for the now deprecated Google Arduino libraries that many of the projects use.

  9. Raphael

    I put together the Android Geiger Counter project but the voltage will not increase above 200.

    Even when changing the value of int op = 200, still no effect.

    Any ideas where I might be going wrong?

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  11. John van der Linden

    Am having big problems downloading the GIT Google ADK Source Code thing. The whole description in the book on how to do this is very confusing. Have downloaded (I think) all the other files including development Environment, but the part from GIT confuses me completely. Are the .APK files the .exe files for Android, see, that’s how confused I am.

  12. Diane

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  13. Luccas

    apA_open_accessory_test.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
    apA_open_accessory_test.ino:10:6: error: redefinition of ‘void setup()’
    sketch_apr07b.ino:1:6: error: ‘void setup()’ previously defined here
    apA_open_accessory_test.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
    apA_open_accessory_test.ino:15:6: error: redefinition of ‘void loop()’
    sketch_apr07b.ino:6:6: error: ‘void loop()’ previously defined here
    Erro compilando.

  14. Eduardo Porcher

    Good afternoon,
    I bought a book that makes reference
    the site stating that the codes are
    open for alterations, but I found,
    only the closed app.

  15. Keynes

    Please send me all the android project related to the book of Android and Arduino. I also bought the book and it said to come to this website and download the sources. But I see that there are no sources only apt generated ones.

  16. Simon

    Sir, I managed to completed the sound link of chapter 7 on home automation. I tested it and the result shows that the Arduino can receive tall the hexadecimal from 0000 to FFFF. Unfortunately, the actual home automation sketch does not seem to work as it cannot start the ‘open browser’, that is the main menu page cannot be loaded..I’m using a Samsung 7-inch tablet and it shows that url may be busy or has moved . Therefore I would appreciate I you can give me some advice on how to resolve this problem. I hope to receive a reply from you. Thank you.

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